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Sudoku and Trimming

Well, I've been sadly neglecting my web site lately, but it's not been intentional. I've gotten some interest in my GH Finalist manuscript, In Pursuit of Caviar, and wouldn't you know that the dang thing is too long.

I've been asked to trim it a tinge. Well, okay, more than a smidge. But there's something about the word "smidge" that makes this newest endeavorless daunting.

Actually, I'm finding the process extremely liberating. Suddenly, gestures I'd struggled with are extraneous and one word can do the job of two. Or even three or five. I find myself gleefully yanking bits that I recall sweating over just a few months ago, during the last rewrite. But, I'll tell you something. It's easier to take out than to put in.

I've got a process figured out. At least it looks good in theory. So,lest you think I'm downing eggnog and getting overly exuberant with the delete key, I thought I'd reassure you that I'm focused. And, I have a plan.

Here's the interesting part. I'd thought it was tight before. Boy was I mistaken.Being on a word dietopens your mind to all kinds of possibilities thatyou've never seen before. And I'm learning tons of cool things, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope to have this latest revision complete by mid-January.

Now, I just have to share my latest obsession with you. Sudoku. Yep. I love that game. It's addictive. But what's so cool about it is that it'sall numbers. Not a word in sight. There's no consideration aboutwhat might be better than a 9. If the square calls for 9, it gets a9. Period. Not an irresistible 9. Not an obnoxious, but still cute in a girlfriend kind of way 9. Just a9. God, I love that game. It's relaxation for writers.

If you haven't tried it, get yourself exposed. Here's a site that helpsyou learn Sudoku.Because I'd hate to be the only one...

Have a Happy Holiday season.


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